Frequently asked questions and answers before the first nail modeling!


How long takes the first modelling of the nail?

It depends on whether you want to extend the nails for example with Tips or stencil, or whether you want only a reinforcement of your own natural nails. As a basic you require 1 to 1, 5 hours.

When should I renew the modeling?

That depends on how fast your nails grow or when you would like to have a new styling. Usually the nails get refilled once a month. The old gel gets removed and replaced, and the design can be re-selected as well. If the design is still beautiful and there are no liftings (air between the natural nail and gel) available, but the nails are grown out too far, then you should refresh your nails after 2 weeks. On a refresh the upper gel layer is polishes, we regulate the length of the nails and then reseal them once again. The modeling looks like new after the refresh.

As well we have the option of a Full cover design entire nail in color) which includes a discounted pricing every 14 days for a refresh modeling. Here the old paint is removed and renewed and as well you take a new color if you want.

Do I have to observe something before the first modeling of the nail?

24 hours prior to your appointment you should not make an extensive finger bath. Do not oil or maintain with fat cream. The nail must be completely grease-free prior to the modeling that the gel can adhere well. The nails are still cleaned by our crew with a special degreaser.

How long my natural nails have to be?

If you only want a natural nail reinforcement let your nails grow in advance as long as you want them otherwise we can regulate the length with tips or template. We recommend at the beginning not too long nails, so you can slowly get used to the handling. Also you should make sure that the nails match your appearance and the everyday business, sports and hobbies are not disturbed by it.


Does the nail modelling hurt my natural nail?

No the nail has a dead cornea which must not breathe. Only at the rear edge of the nail bed of cornification of the nail is not completed yet the nail is there still “fresh”. Due to at that point of the nail mist likely liftings arise we end up with the gel application minimally in advance.

However it could be that the nature nail changes slightly (no disease) which is a result from the acrylate contained in the gel.

The indicator of this change is that the nail splits up in different layers.


What if I don´t want the modeling any longer?

This is also possible without any problems. We are going to file off the modeling nail very carefully afterwards the natural nail gets then freshly polished and sealed with a special varnish. The natural nail is afterwards not broken but very soft. This is however the fact that the stability of the gel the nail had previously does not exist anymore. A special lacquer finish gives the natural nail some protection and stability.


Who does not know the problem?
You are still a student, but you don´t earn your own money, but you would love to have great nails? If you can show us a valid student ID you´ll get 10% discount on the current prices!
Students, who have not yet completed their 17th year of life, require the consent of the parents, this you can download here and bring it signed to the appointment!